Time To Make The Doughnuts!!!

Around two months ago I stumbled across the blog Tartelette and I have been addicted ever since. I haven’t been hooked on a blog like this since I found Cupcake Bakeshop. One of the entries was for an event she was hosting titled “Time to Make the Doughnuts”. Since I have really wanted to start participating in food blogging events (and hopefully start to host my own), I thought this would be the perfect one to get my feet wet. Unfortunately with all that went on this week I missed the deadline (huh???) but I decided to make them anyway since they had been on my mind. I made two versions, one covered in cinnamon sugar and one in powdered sugar. Here’s how they turned out………

I used the ever so popular Baked Doughnuts recipe from 101 CookBooks. I have never made doughnuts, or anything with using yeast for that matter, so I was slightly hesitant but these doughnuts were really simple to make. The dough itself was yummy and the doughnuts were delicious. This recipe is definitely a keeper.



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