Circus Themed Cakes

So I was really excited to make this circus cake (red velvet w/cream cheese buttercream), I took the original design given to me by the client and made it into my own. I was happy with the outcome and posted the pic on my FB page.  Within minutes of posting the photo I received a request to make the exact same cake.  I try not to make the exact cake twice- especially in one week. 
 I needed to give this 2nd cake some individuality and it was a bit smaller (100 servings) I changed the tier shapes, added orange into the color scheme and used a different technique on the name to give it some individuality. 

Overall I’m happy with how both cakes came out but I really think I like the 2nd one better.  I think has to do with the technique used on the name – it just pops more.  Just goes to show how simple adjustments can a difference.