Purple, Pink & Green Slice of Cake

This cake was a surprise for the girlfriend of one of my closest friends.  I love this cake design.  It’s so fun and comes together really easy.  It has become my go to cake design when I need a cake to serve 25ppl or less.  
The flavor was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and milk chocolate ganache.   
Im really happy with the color scheme (which was taken from ribbon I had on hand), the green just seems to pop against the purple. 

It’s turning out to be quite a popular design as I actually have quite a few requests for these cakes coming up in the next few months J

Circus Themed Cakes

So I was really excited to make this circus cake (red velvet w/cream cheese buttercream), I took the original design given to me by the client and made it into my own. I was happy with the outcome and posted the pic on my FB page.  Within minutes of posting the photo I received a request to make the exact same cake.  I try not to make the exact cake twice- especially in one week. 
 I needed to give this 2nd cake some individuality and it was a bit smaller (100 servings) I changed the tier shapes, added orange into the color scheme and used a different technique on the name to give it some individuality. 

Overall I’m happy with how both cakes came out but I really think I like the 2nd one better.  I think has to do with the technique used on the name – it just pops more.  Just goes to show how simple adjustments can a difference.

Banana Split Cake

Banana Split cake for a 31st birthday.  It’s a 10” cake, carved to resemble a serving dish – the cake flavor is Neopolitan (alternate layers of chocolate and vanilla cakes w/strawberry buttercream) , covered in chocolate ganache.  White Chocolate Fondant was used to cover and decorate. Ice Cream Scoops are jumbo cupcakes covered in buttercream.  Banana and cherries are real.  Enjoy!

3D Giant Slice of Cake

When I designed this cake, I had absolutely no idea how cute it would turn out!!!! This has to be my favorite cake that I have made all year. I love the overall design and the way the color scheme came together.  This cake was for my sisters 21st birthday, and she didn’t want a big cake since she was also having Pineapple Upside Down Cake at her dinner.  It’s a 10” cake – the flavors are chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache I used White Chocolate Fondant (my new fave) to cover and decorate.   Enjoy!

Pink Hearts Cake

This cake was for Leslyann, who celebrated her 11th birthday this weekend at Chucke Cheese. She requested her name in purple with pink hearts. Cake was Vanilla with fresh Strawberry Filling covered in fondant.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake

I made this cheesecake for a friend this past weekend.

Ive made cheesecakes before and even taken classes at the local culinary school.   But ive never added any fruit or purees etc to them.  So when i found a recipe online that called for 2lbs of sweet potatoes i was kind of skeptical.  I wondered how so much sweet potato would affect the texture of the cheesecake.
I have to say i was quite pleased with the outcome. I had never tasted one before so i wasnt sure what to expect.  S thought it tasted like sweet potato pie. My sister loved it and requested it for her birthday i/o a cake.