Snickery Squares

First off I just want to thank everyone at Tuesdays with Dorie for their warm welcome last week. I had so much fun with last weeks entry.

This week’s recipe is Snickery Squares was chosen by Erin of Dinner and Dessert . Initially I googled the recipe and found that quite a few other bloggers have made this recipe with much success so I was equally excited again.

After my two mishaps this weekend I was ready to make these. I got started. I grated my butter and made the dough by hand as I did not want to pull out my food processor; it was quite simple just like making a pie dough. And then it happened, things stared to go wrong.. I had to redo two components of this recipe today

The coating for the nuts: I looked and the sugar was just starting to dissolve. I went to my pc to pull up my blog. Came back. BURNT. So I had to start over. When I made the 2nd batch I didn’t think that there was enough coating for the peanuts, so I made a little extra. Otherwise everything else went smooth.

The dulce de leche: I usually make my own by boiling a can of condensed milk. But this time I decided to buy some. When I got home I found that I had inadvertently picked up a can of? Condensed milk. Since I didn’t have time to boil it, I decided to try another method and cook it in a saucepan. I thought this would take a while, so I went back to my pc. Came back into the kitchen to check on it. Edges were BURNT. So off to the store again to buy some.

Today I learned/reinforced two simple rules. No surfing the net, while you things boiling on the stove!!!

These are really rich but sooooo good. So rich, I almost couldn’t finish my little 2×2 square.

The next time I make these I will probably tweak the following two things;

The Dulce De Leche – I think I will add some melted caramel into this mixture to give the gooeyness im used to.

The Chocolate – I might use a ½ semisweet ½ bittersweet chocolate combo, and make my chocolate layer a little thinner

Never the less they were enjoyed by all!

For printable version of the recipe click here

Next week: Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie-Cake

Pecan Sour Cream Biscuits

This is the first Tuesday I spent with Dorie, and I can’t wait to see her again next week!!!

I’ve had “Baking” for some time and bookmarked recipes but never tried them. So when I found Tuesdays with Dorie I figured this group was perfect. This weeks recipe is Pecan Sour Cream Biscutis chosen by Ashley of Eat Me Delicious. I’m a biscuit lover but was not so sure how nuts would do inside a biscuit. But then i thought about using “nut-butters” on regular biscuits – so i figured this should be interesting.

The biscuits were really simple to make. The batter was delicious. The biscuits baked up with a nice crust and tender inside. The inside was not as fluffy as I would like but I think I kneaded the dough to much, plus I also rolled them too thin. I ate them with sweet butter & maple syrup.

Click here for recipe