Florida Pie

This weeks Tuesday with Dorie recipe is Florida Pie chosen by Dianne of Dianne’s Dishes.

I was looking forward to making this pie and everything was set for me to make this successfully and then i made one little change which threw everything off.
At the last minute i decided to change the pie plate i was using…..and didn’t realize the one i chose was way bigger and deeper. (so my layers are very squat)
Once i made the crust and pressed it into the pie dish it looked like it wasn’t enough so i doubled the recipes (now i have too much crust)
After two failed attempts at the meringue topping i decided to just use a tub of cool whip (the layer is very thin - i should have used two tubs)
Even after adding the cool whip to the top there was still so much crust since the pie dish is deep so i just took a fork and scraped it down onto the sides.
I wish i had some more limes to put some sort of decoration in the middle.
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